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Armfield Angling Newsletter - September 2016

Lac de Villedon - An Challenging Adventure!

All the very best big fish venues in France present challenges, at Chantecoq it's the mud, at Cassien sometimes the summer traffic of holidaymakers, boats and swimmers and at Rainbow you must adapt your approach to catch some of the very best fish in the world.

As Villedon is now recognised as a target venue for the UK angler it too presents it's challenges but also outstanding rewards.

Here are the Villedon stats for w/c 27 August 2016:

22lbs to 33lbs 32 fish
33lbs to 45lbs 79 fish
45lbs to 56lbs 12 fish
56lbs plus 1 fish

The venue currently has some activity from poisson chat, but for the thinking angler this is easily overcome by the use of tiger nuts, masking boilies with plastic wrap and decoy bating strategies ie the use of particles presented in areas off the main swim. We currently have a UK lake exclsuive group on the venue and those employing these strategies are reaping the rewards. In the words of Terry Sanders a recent customer to swim 15, Villedon is an adventure, yes, the poisson can be active in some swims but so currently are the venues 1200 fish. Testiment to this was his 65 fish catch along with two friends Hayden Roberts and Gary Roach. Terry has already booked his return trip in 2017.

Terry Wheatley as recently detailed on Steve Briggs Facebook page together with Paul Sharman managed 45 fish from swim 20 during a hectic week full details reported in this weeks CarpTalk and again Terry has already re booked for his next Villedon adventure.

Meanwhile Paul Henson on his 3rd return trip to Villedon fishing from swim 1 (the villa,) and electing to fish days only with just 2 rods managed 56 fish, 7 over 40lbs, the largest 48lb 10 all fish were reported to be in stunning condition.

At the other end of the lake Clint fished swim 17 and at 1.30am in the morning was rewarded with a beautiful 52lb deep bodied mirror double tiger nuts being the successful method over a bed of hemp and maize.

Villedon is a mighty water of nearly 100 acres and not for the faint hearted however for those stepping up to the challenge it offers 1200 of the finest quality fish in France with mirrors and commons in excess of 70lbs, anglers with a considered approach regularly report catches of 50 plus fish per week. This together with it's excellent facilities ie restaurant, shop and choice of lakeside accommodation make it a comfortable proposition for the UK angler together with the feel of a big water adventure.

With the weather due to change this afternoon and temperatures dropping and strong winds and rain, the big fish at Villedon will become very active please watch our Facebook for updates as we receive them.

Living in France i have access to 100's of waters and as i speak i am packing the van for my next adventure ... DESTINATION VILLEDON!

Join the other UK anglers booking this venue for 2017 and 2018, step up to the challenge.

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Paul and Carmen
Armfield Angling Limited

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