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Bait For Sale - Lac de Villedon

Please note you pay on arrival in euros (sterling is not valid) you can pay by card or cash.

If you can or want to bring your own boilies and pellets that's fine but It is strictly forbidden to bring any of your own particles of any description to the venue.

No bait deliveries to the venue either.

Villedon Red Sea Food boilie (all prices are in euros per sack or pot)

All prices are in EUROS

  • 12mm: 1kg 14.50, 2.5kg 33.50
  • 15mm: 1kg 13.00, 2.5kg 29.50, 5kg 52.50
  • 20mm: 1kg 12.00, 2.5kg 27.50, 5kg 50.50
  • 24mm: 1kg 11.50, 2.5kg 26.50
Boilie mix in a range of sizes ready bagged - 12, 15, 20 and 24mm

  • 2.5kg 31.50 per bag
  • 5kg 56.50 per bag

Boilie dip 250ml Red Sea Food
10.50 per pot

Pop up 12 and 15mm mixed pot
10.50 per pot

Hard Hookers 16 and 20mm mixed pot
10.50 per pot

Hemp/chicken pea 5kg
25.00 euros per sack

Pellets 8mm high protein 20kg
40.00 euros per sack