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Carp Fishing through the Seasons

Some people think that carp fishing can only be successful at certain times of the year. However, if you’ve got luck on your side, the best weather conditions for carp fishing can happen all year round! Below, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you have the best fishing experience in every season.

The spring months are a great time for carp fishing, especially if you want to catch big fish. It’s been suggested that April has the best weather conditions for carp fishing in France, so if you’re looking to plan a carp fishing holiday then this might be the best time of year to do it! The weather is getting warmer in the springtime, and the carp are just waking up, so it’s a perfect time for finding carp. The trick to finding carp in the spring is to watch for bubbles, clouding in the water and signs of movement. Weather-wise, it can still be a bit cold in the wind, so your best bet would be to find a sheltered area of water.

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