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Tips & Tactics

Paul regulary fishes our venues here are a few bulletpoints to help in your preparation for your carp fishing holiday.

Lac De Villedon

Lac De Villedon

A venue heavily influenced by wind direction be prepared when the wind blows into the face of the swim to increase baiting.

Most fish traditionally come from the river bed towards the middle of the lake but dont ignore the margins as fish come in to feed in the marginal weed. Normally I would opt for a small pop up or wafter carefully balanced.

Fish move all around the lake so all swims produce. Don't ignore the shallow end of the lake swims 9, 10, 12 and 13 in the Spring particulary April and May as big catches are a regular occurance.

Please remember boilies and pellets only and a selection is available at the shop.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Steve Briggs Secret Garden Rig

Again, boilies and pellets only.

The swim in front of the house is generally fished most and a large numberof the fish come from the bottom of the marginal shelf on the far bank where you can walk round and and  bait up.

Another hot prospect is the bottom left hand corner of the lake (viewed from the house bank) fishing close to lilly pads or in either corner. Again boilies only. In particular clients are very succesful with the Eddie Stercks Secret Key range.

La Maniere

La Maniere

A venue only open for limited weeks.

The owner Ray feeds the fish on his own boilies that must be used at the venue that are top quality.

The fish have very little pressure at the venue and action can be brisk.

Fish are caught all around the lake in the margins and close to the island.

Etang de Chavaignac

Etang de Chavaignac

A very popular lake exclusive venue.

Most of the fish are caught at the bottom of the sandy drop off at short range from all swims. Notable areas are swim 3 where a small plateau is a productive spot to the left at approx 35 yards.

There are also tree roots located in front of both swim 3 and swim 1 that are good holding areas. Swim 7 is a good option in the summer months fishing towards the neck of the channel or along the marginal tree line to the right. Eddie Stercks Secret Key is a great option and available on site.

The lake bed is silty beyond the sandy marginal shelf and there is a old stream bed meandering through the centre of the lake.

Please remember if you would like more detailed information regarding approaching our venues just e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you have any specific questions we are unable to answer we will contact the venue and reply to you swiftly.

Please familiarise yourself with the rules for the respective venue as displayed on our website.


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