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Armfield Angling Newsletter - July 2017

As we bask in 34 degrees of glorious French sunshine, holiday anglers are making the most of our venues fabulous facilities.

Yesterday we visited our good friends Pete and Mandy Summers with their family Kieran, Charley, Kayla and friend Chelsey on one of their nine (!) Secret Garden bookings. Pete and Mandy set up camp in front of the air conditioned house choosing to relax with the family and make use of the exclusive outdoor pool and were ready to fish by 9pm.

Fishing using RBA baits Spicy Krill and Toffee and Banana boilies with matching stick mixes to 2.5 ounce leads and number 4 hooks Pete and Mandy managed fish at 30.1lb and 36.7lb on their first night, looking good for a great week!!

The Secret Garden fish are stunning and piling on the weight, there are some amazing big framed fish and some beautiful linears, if you would like to get onto one of the best small lake exclusive venues in France for 2018 or 2019 you need to be securing your dates now. We only have 3 school summer holiday weeks left for 2019, 2018 is filling up and 2017 has had a waiting list since early in the year.

Lac de Villedon

The winter works programme has paid massive dividends so far at this beautiful big fish water. Rob Gooch and his friends enjoyed a great week on swims 4 and 5 landing over 50 fish in a week with very high average to 59.4lbs, no poisson chats have been reported to us by the venue owner. Rob is already looking forward to his next visit this October!!

Please remember pellet and boilies only, we are seeing great results already from this rule enhancement (pics on Armfield Angling Facebook pages).

Etang de Brigueuil

Now a hugely popular venue and one of Steve Briggs favourite venues (please view his video on our site). The Chalet swim (12) is a very popular summer option.

Andrew Murray has just sent us a report of his week on the chalet swim, the full report can be viewed on Mainlines website and both the Armfield and Carp Particles UK Facebook pages. Fishing 15lb mainline, 10 inch Korda hook lengths, size 4 Fox hooks with kickers and 3 oz leads Andrew managed 5 fish to 42lb in extremely hot conditions. All fish were taken on essential Cell boilies or tiger nuts.

A very good reconissance trip for his lake exclusive trip later this year.

New web site up and running

We really hope you are enjoying our new website, detailing our stunning new venues La Maniere a 5 acres lake exclusive complex with stunning uncaught fish opening in May 2018, this a 3 angler venue maximum. The website also launches the breathtaking La Chateliers, if you enjoy big waters of 60 acres with masses of room per swim (approx 5 acres) some awesome features and stunning fish now is the time to be planning your visit for 2018.

As with all hot new venues people with their ears to the ground are already fishing this venue, its one not to miss out on.

Paul and Carmen
Armfield Angling Limited

To find out more about our French carp fishing venues please visit our home page or take a look at some of the fish photo galleries.