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Armfield Angling - Newsletter February 2016

Traditionally February is a quiet month on the carp fishing scene however here things have been frantic!!

Lac de Villedon

Following complete draindown in December the successful removal of all poisson chat, this year is set to be the venues best year yet!!
Eddie Sterk test fished the venue in the last 2 weeks to check progress of the fish for the owner Paul. Eddie had over 25 fish in his short session and the fish look in pristine condition, Eddie caught many fish in excess of 45lbs, pictures of these remarkable fish are shown on our Facebook pages.

With many high profile guests set to return this year to this fantastic mighty venue to catch some of Frances finest fish, this year looks to be really exciting.

The Secret Garden

Without doubt this is one of the most stunning picturesque fishing venues in France offering unique trips on an exclusive basis.

Over at The Secret Garden things have been equally busy. This year we have drained the lake and treated with lime to combat areas of silt, the lilly pads have been slightly thinned to create additional clear spots to fish to and place baits easily. Two weeks with a digger every day has resulted in a new sandy bank being created on the far bank, beautiful clean snag free areas to fish, in addition we have been able to increase the level on the lake to enhance oxygen levels and dig deeper areas in front of swims to ensure maximum fish care when netting and returning fish.

The icing on the cake at the venue was yesterday 20.02.16 when 32 pristine young fish were added to 40lbs, fish farmed and never been caught these fish will thrive in their new environment. Full pictures and video footage of their netting can be seen on Facebook.

Etang de Brigueuil

One of Frances most beautiful venues continues to grow in popularity. We have only a few weeeks still remaining for 2016 on swim 12 which is the double with chalet but do still have some other availability around the lake on standard swims. In early April we are delighted to welcome Steve Briggs and Joan to record a feature for various top angling publications.

The lake boasts over 600 beautiful mirrors and commons that are growing really quickly. The lake record ( held by my good self in January this year) is just shy of 60lbs but we expect many fish to surpass this is 2016.

It just remains for myself and Carmen to wish you all every success and enjoyment in the 2016 season and we very much look forward to being of service to you

Paul and Carmen
Armfield Angling Limited

To find out more about our French carp fishing venues please visit our home page or take a look at some of the fish photo galleries.