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Armfield Angling Newsletter - May 2015

Lac de Villedon

How many waters can boast 71 fish over 45lb, 15 over 56lb and 2 over 66lb's in a week?! and, all in pristine condition.

As UK anglers make their way to the incredible Lac de Villedon the true quality of this outstanding venue develops its reputation as one of the very best big fish waters in France.

We were delighted to welcome our consultant Ian Smith to the venue in April along with his good friend Andrew Harrop. Ian was in swim 1 (villa) and visiting the venue for the first time to commence his Lac de Villedon Armfield Angling consultancy which is now live on our web site under the 'ask smithy' tab.

It was action for the pair from the off as the fish arrived in numbers in the Villedon bay an incredible big fish area that is fished from swim 1 (Villa) and Briggsy's cabin (swim 21).

The pair saw hectic action with double and treble takes at times. Andy managed his new PB a stunning mirror of 62lbs only to beat it again with a 64lb mirror. Ian and Andy continued to pile in their selection of 'Mad Baits' and on one occasion Andy had a take while Ian was baiting the swim from the boat which shows how little boats effect the venue.

The pair ended with 34 fish all in pristine condition, Ians best being a mirror of 54.4lb. There are some great pics and video footage taken by Ian on the Armfield Angling FaceBook page.

Colin Stephens and his party arrived the following week and were immediately impressed with the warm welcome and fabulous facilities at the venue, shortly into the trip Colin had a take in swim 9 and as an experienced angler was aware straight away he had hooked something very special in the early hours of the morning. The torch shining on the spreader block highlighted a huge common rolling into Colins net. As the guys struggled to lift their prize onto the continental sized unhooking mat they both became aware this fish was huge, bottoming Colin's scales at 68lb's Colin decided in the interests of the fish to return her immediately after the photographs which can be seen on Facebook. While it would be nice to know the exact weight at the time of capture by Colin, he took responsible action in the interest of this amazing fish. The fish has hence been named 'Mystery' although she was caught again yesterday at 69.10lb, was she 70lb when Colin caught her? It will remain a mystery...........

In the following week we welcomed 16 new anglers to Villedon a week i had also chosen to fish. During the week Keith and i on swim 15 had 8 fish in difficult rainy conditions, both of us managing fish in excess of 50lbs and in fact every UK party managed 50lb plus fish in their groups which included a 54lb for Phill Hill a new PB, another member of Phills group having a 60lb plus fish from swim 18. Over on swim 6 Martyn Hughes netted the most beautiful 50.04lb common a new PB for him, well done Martyn. We very much enjoyed watching Shaun Jones and Chris Hinton catch 2 x 50lbs, some of the most methodical anglers i have seen and great company.

Most anglers leaving the venue have already re-booked for the following years, testament to the fish, the venue and its accommodating staff.

One small addition to the rules at Villedon an antiseptic dip tank will be provided at the Cabin (21), Villa (1) and the boat jetty please dip ALL landing nets and slings and note that NO SACKS ARE PERMITTED AT THE VENUE.

Le Bois de L'etang

The beautiful Le Bois welcomed Paul Miller and his fishing partner Lee last week, fishing from close to the house Paul and Lee managed 21 stunning fish, 2 x 40lb's, 4 x 30lb's and 15 high 20lb's. The pair had a great week commenting "Stunning place, amazing fishing, the house is 5 star".

As Le Bois gains in popularity we have introduced a new payment scheme to help plan future trips, please see the post on Facebook. They are also offering a fly and tackle hire package, please also see Facebook for the information and prices.
The Le Bois common has already graced the net in the last few weeks in fabulous condition at 60.02lbs she has taken on a stunning new bronze colour since being stocked in January 2015. We are offering a prize of 1 weeks fishing (travel and bait seperate and chargeable on arrival) for the first UK angler to catch this amazing fish, we are delighted to welcome Steve and Joan Briggs in August this year who have chosen the venue for its peace and tranquility, stunning fish and luxurious accommodation.

Etang de Brigueuil

Our new venue, has created great interest in the UK. This really is a lovely venue with easy fishing in beautiful surrounding with charming UK owner hosts.

The fish are yet to spawn at the venue, the water is currently 17 degrees and large catches are being made in particular at the shallow end of the lake. With 11 anglers spread around the lake last week it produced 88 fish to in excess of 54lbs. Swim 11 being the star performer with 38 fish, 5 over 40lb including some stunning commons.

The chalet (swim 12) in particular is a fabulous option and it is advisable to book early for 2016 to experience the fabulous accommodation and private double swim.

With the season in full swing our Facebook page will receive daily updates. Carmen and I are just off to practice for our sponsored walk to raise funds for Carping for Causes in aid of Birminghams Childrens Hospital which takes place on 7th June. You can help us via the link on our Facebookpage ( Please mention Armfield Angling in your donation to enable us reconcile a final total.

Tight Lines, thank you all for your continued support.

Paul and Carmen
Armfield Angling Limited

To find out more about our French carp fishing venues please visit our home page or take a look at some of the fish photo galleries.