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Armfield Angling newsletter | November 2014

Lac De VilledonWelcome to the November Armfield Angling Newsletter.

We are very proud to report following Steve Briggs and Rob Hales visit to Lac De Villedon in October this year that the bookings office is very busy as expected.

Steve Briggs CarpWorld 5 page feature is in the shops now, please turn to page 164 to read about Steve and Robs fantastic Villedon experience. Included in the feature is a quick reference code that links to a video of the week on the venue, alternatively the video can be viewed via the homepage of our website Steve and Rob enjoyed fast and furious action in the Cabin (swim 21) and were both amazed by the quality and size of the Villedon fish. The pair managed many fish during the week the largest being a 56lb mirror for Steve. All in all a fabulous week topped by enjoying the fine cuisine of the Villedon on site restaurant.

The cabin (swim 21) is proving to be a very popular option offering a large expanse of very productive water and being accessible by foot and boat. Please in particular, if you would like to book the cabin (swim 21) it is best to secure your dates asap.

2016 bookings are now open and whilst this months CarpWorld feature is generating huge interest it is reassuring that with spaces to accommodate in excess of 40 plus anglers there is currently ample availability and swim choice for customers, however this is now changing on a daily basis.

During December Lac de Villedon will undergo its annual 'vidange' (drain down) in order to remove any excess silver fish and small carp, the commitment and management at the venue ensure these amazing fish continue to achieve their optimum growth rate and remain in peak condition.

May Carmen and i once again thank you all for your continued support we have many high profile guests and established customers to welcome to Villedon next year and as always look forward to welcoming new customer to enjoy this outstanding fishery.

During this busy period we assure everyone of a swift and courtious response to their enquiries, please direct enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure your taste of 'THE VILLEDON EXPERIENCE'.

Ref Points:

November CarpWorld pages 164 to 167
November CarpWorld page 147
November CarpWorld page 144
Video: http//

Kindest Regards as always

Paul and Carmen Armfield
Armfield Angling Limited

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