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Les Chateliers: Fishery Rules

General rules

Prior to reaching your swim you will have to check in at the welcoming desk and pay for any rented items.

  • Your week starts from Saturday (arrival between 1 and 3 pm) to the following Saturday (leaving between 10 to 12).
  • For security reasons (because boats are being used), swims must be booked for 2 anglers.
  • Cars must be parked on the car park. (The venue will not be held responsible for any theft from the car park.)
  • Dogs are permitted but must be held on a leash.
  • Swimming is strictly forbidden.
  • It is strictly forbidden to wash your dishes in the lake.
  • Showers, toilets and sinks are at your disposal. Please keep them clean.
  • Don’t light a camp fire (gas allowed). Each swim has a BBQ set up.
  • Please stay quiet, respect nature and other anglers.
  • Please dispose your litter in a dedicated bin (at the car park). Don’t throw your cigarette ends on the ground or in the water.
  • A 50 euro deposit and an ID will be requested on arrival and refunded on departure.
  • Anglers under age must be accompanied by an adult with an authorisation signed by their parents. All anglers are responsible for any damage caused. You fish under your own responsibility.

Angling rules

  • Fishing is completely NO KILL.
  • Three rods are allowed per angler. Rods must not be left unattended when fishing.
  • It is strictly forbidden to fish another swim. You must stay on the swim you have booked.
  • Pike fishing is strictly forbidden. (You will be excluded if you do so.)
  • A landing mat (1 m long at least) and an appropriate carp landing net are requested.
  • Only bivvies are allowed. Tents and other shelters are forbidden.
  • Boats are allowed only on your swim for feature finding, baiting up, dropping your rigs and for landing fish. You may use paddles or an electric engine. You may use your boat to go to the reception (toilets). Life jackets are compulsory.
  • Bait boats are allowed as well as bait rockets (boilie guns are forbidden). H type bearings to mark your swim are allowed only to spot your swim. Only the ones with tubes are allowed while fishing.
  • The fresh boilies and of high quality are authorised only.
  • Back leads are compulsory for all lines across the centre of the venue so as not to disturb boating.
  • Braided line is strictly forbidden as mainline or leader. Nylon line under 28/100 or over 40/100 breaking strain (except for a couple of metres) are forbidden too. Leadcore is forbidden too. Only set ups where the lead can discharge easily are allowed. The max size of hooks is size 2 barbless.
  • You are requested to respect your catches. Fish must be put back into water after having taking a pic. It is advised to take pics in the water, kneeling down over your landing mat. Retention slings are strictly forbidden. We supply a Trakker sanctuary retention swim by swim.
  • It is strictly forbidden to mark your fish or mutilate them.
  • It is forbidden to be drunk on the premises or use drugs. (Alcohol must be limited and will be controlled)

You will be asked to sign these rules on arrival and keep them with you while fishing. If you infringe these rules, you will be expelled and not be refunded.

We wish you an enjoyable stay and hope you will experience a great time fishing our venue.