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Jurassik Carp Resort: The Lakes

Jurassik One:

  • 24 spacious double swims also suitable for single anglers.
  • Can also be booked for groups of up to 16 anglers which still leaves ample room for customers to move around the lake if required.
  • Ideal for the more experienced carp angler.
  • Offers a large expanse of 9 acres of water per swim.
  • The lake depth is on average 3 metres and the lake bed is sandstone with very little silt and areas of weed in the summer months.
  • The venue holds Common Carp, Koi, Grass Carp and Mirror Carp to 72 pounds! There are approximatley 30 fish in excess of 45 pounds, 6 in excess of 55 pounds and one carp, a mirror in excess of 70 pounds.
  • Also available on Jurassik One is a beautiful cottage set at the edge of the water in swim 2, ideal for those wishing for the family to join them.
  • A boat is necessary: 80 euros for the boat and engine.
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Jurassik Two:

  • 40 acre lake set in wild and beautiful countryside
  • There are 11 swims, 9 singles and 2 doubles (6 and 11)
  • Sandstone bottom and very little silt
  • Swims offer approximatley 4 acres per swim
  • Suitable for anglers of all abilities and available for group bookings
  • Average depth 2.8 metres, varying depths from 1 to 5 metres
  • Boats and engines are available to hire on Jurassik Two if necessary
  • Mixture of common carp, grass carp and mirror carp to 63 pounds. Total lake stock - 600/650 fish
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Jurassik Three:

  • 17 acre lake in wild tranquil settings featuring an island that is a popular carp hotspot
  • 5 swims each having 2.5 acres of water, all singles
  • The depth varies between 1 to 5 metres maximum
  • Four rod limit
  • Ideal for an exclusive party
  • Sandy lake bed with a little silt
  • Stunning carp to 56 pounds
  • Fish stocks 350 to 400 fish, Common Carp to 49.06 and Mirrors to 58.07
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