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The Golden Carp Lake

Located two minutes from the village of Vieux-Mareuil is the beautiful Etang de la Carpe d’Or.

The twelve acre lake is owned by Barry and Jane Sewell. Barry is a very experienced angler and incredibly well versed in fish husbandry. The couple have owned and worked tirelessly on the venue since 2015 to make the lake a fabulous environment to catch some very large carp. The original stocking of the lake included four tonnes of carp from single figures to over 70 pounds. This was supplemented in December 2018 with a further 9 fish between 46.6 pounds and 62 pounds.

There is a good stamp of 50 pound plus fish and 9 fish in excess of 60 pounds. The venue holds 280 fish.

The lake caters for a maximum of 8 anglers and four guests. All swims are meticulously prepared and have access by car. Swims 1,2 and 3, the double swims, have wheelchair access. The Cabin is not adapted for wheelchair users.

The perfect venue for small groups looking for big fish in beautiful surroundings.

We are the only official UK based company to offer bookings to Golden Carp Lake.