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The Golden Carp Lake: Bait

We have a large selection of tried and tested bait products available for purchase on site, or to pre-order via email.

Whilst for the remainder of 2019 you are free to bring you own boilies, pellets, pop-ups, etc. please be informed that maize, tigernuts and peanuts are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on our lake. Only recognised brands are acceptable, please contact us for more information on this.

Please note:
Good quality bait from reputable manufacturers only. NO shelf life boilies.

We stock only high quality boilies, pellets and dips, from Sticky Baits.

We strongly recommend pre-ordering boilies and pellet with your booking.



  • Boilies 20mm (Krill and Manilla): €25/2kg or €60/5kg
  • Glugged and hardended 20mm Boilies: €75/5kg
  • Glugged and hardended 24mm Hookbait Boilies: €15/1kg
  • The Krill "Tough Ones" 20mm: €10/pot
  • Cloudy Krill/Cloudy manilla 1L Jerrycan: €15
  • Pure Tuna Liquid 1L Jerrycan: €18


  • Pellet 7mm: €25/bucket or €60/25kg
  • Rig Tubing: €5/each
  • 5oz/140g Leads: €2each