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Etang De Brigueuil: Summer House Accommodation

Swim 11 now has the option of a summer house, 15m2 of living space complete with 2 bedchairs, landing net and unhooking mat. So imagine all the space you would save in the car PLUS the benefit of not having to put up the bivvy after a long drive or pack down a wet one before you go!

The swim is big enough that the summer house is not in the way but close enough to your rods to not pose a problem for a night time run. Being set back off the swim, if you choose not to take this option you will still have plenty of room to put your bivvy.

So this is available for 150 euro complete with the bits of tackle mentioned above. (You will be asked for 150 euro deposit against any damages of course.)

Summer 1
Summer 2

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