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Estate Lake: Fishery rules

Estate Lake takes fish care very seriously. Following these steps will avoid any fatalities on the bank and will provide maximum welfare of fish. Thank you for your respect.

  1. Maximum 3 rods per angler
  2. Rods are NEVER left unattended
  3. Barbless hooks ONLY. NO microbarbs or crushed barbs. Braids and dangerous rigs are prohibited. THESE MAY BE CHECKED AT ANY TIME
  4. No leaders or safezones. Please use tubing only
  5. Large landing nets are compulsory and will be checked before the stay
  6. All unhooking mats, nets and slings are to be wet before use
  7. Quality nets slings and unhooking mats are provided at the venue
  8. Seeds must be cooked
  9. Bait boats are allowed
  10. For sturgeon, landing nets are prohibited. The stall and the photos can only be done in the water with the fish.
  11. Anglers will hand water fish in the best conditions and as quickly as possible
  12. Keep sacks are banned even at night
  13. When holding fish for photographs, never stand to have your picture taken or hold the carp too high above the mat. Support the carp's weight with both hands underneath. If the fish flaps whilst holding it, simply bring the fish into your body then place back on the mat, wet the fish up from the bucket provided, and start again. All fish should be returned to the lake using the sling
  14. Rowing boats are not allowed or available at the venue (bait boats are allowed)


To preserve the tranquility of all, we have established the following rules which must be respected:

  1. Not unregistered visitors allowed
  2. Dogs are not allowed
  3. Use of radios should be as unobtrusive as possible
  4. Only the lights from barbecues are allowed and ground fires are prohibited
  5. After your departure sites must be kept clean and in the same condition as your arrival
  6. Anglers have the responsibility to inform his/her guests about these regulation conditions. The Landlord or rentor will not be held responsible for injury, death, damage, loss, delay, cost, expense, or inconvenience arising from fishing misfortunes beyond our control.
  7. Drugs and excessive alcohol use are prohibited under penalty of immediate dismissal
  8. Any conflicts arising between fishermen or caused by fishermen will be managed by the landlord
  9. The management takes no responsibility for injury, loss or damage to you or your property
  10. Your reservation will be confirmed on receipt of the deposit
  11. For your security the establishment is under video surveillance
  12. You must vacate the venue before 12.00 and arrivals are at 14:00