Armfield Angling carp fishing france

Domaine de Bouxier: Fishery Rules

  • On arrival at the venue please report to the reception with your Armfield Angling booking confirmation (arrivals after 2pm and departures before 10am )
  • All swims must have at least one boat which can be hired at the venue together with engines or you may bring your own.(electric engines only are allowed)
  • Micro barbed hooks only
  • NO braided mainlines, nuts, sacks,bent hooks or leadcore tubing allowed
  • NO swimming
  • Please ensure you have a continental size landing net (minimum 90cm) together with a 90cm x 60cm unhooking mat
  • NO alcohol or drug abuse
  • Bivvys must be green or brown
  • If you are fishing alone, maximum 3 rods. If you have two anglers on a double swim, 4 rods are allowed