Les Chateliers - Swims

  • The overall length of the lake is 1014 metres the northerly arm is 122 metres in width and the southerly arm 160 metres.
  • Many of the swims have interesting features such as gullies, lily pads, overhanging trees and large boulders rising from the water.
  • There are nine double swims in total and they are carefully positioned to give an impressive 5 acres of water per swim.
  • Swims 1 and 11 are accessible without the use of a boat. All other swims require boats for access that are available to rent with or without electric engines. Please note no petrol engines are allowed.

Swim 1

Swim 2

Swim 4

Swim 5

Swim 6

Swim 7

Swim 8

Swim 9

Swim 10

Swim 11

Les Chateliers - Location

Les Chateliers - LocationEtang des Chateliers D524
79340 Chantecorps

Distance from Calais: 388 miles

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Wednesday 12°C / 21°C Showers
Thursday 11°C / 16°C Showers
Friday 10°C / 17°C Scattered showers

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